Miniature High Quality Cardioid Boundary Microphone. Beige

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CUB-01 with stripped cable end to connect wireless transmitter. Beige

A Totally New Concept in Cardioid Boundary Microphones

With the CUB-01 it is now possible to capture a full bodied and clear sound. Narration and dialogue are clearly caught while excluding unnecessary background noise. Sanken’s revolutionary design has also eliminated the artificial need to overdesign the acoustic construction to create cardioid directivity.

Engineered for use in many situations, from TV and film field shooting to broadcast studio production and conference table recording, the CUB-01 departs from the common design of the boundary mic, which typically requires a large, heavy plate. By comparison, the CUB-01 is unbelievably small (32mm diameter, 12mm height, 45g weight) and light.

Because of its size, it is easy to conceal from the camera, and can be positioned in a variety of environments – for example, attached to the ceiling of a car with two-sided sticky tape. The CUB-01 is available in gray or beige and in two versions – the standard high performance CUB-01 which runs on 48 volt phantom and the CUB-01-PT (pigtail) version. The PT version will operate on 3 to 10 VDC for wireless applications.

  • Clear and rich sound
  • Small and easy to conceal unlike other boundary mics
  • Wide 60Hz-16kHz frequency response
  • Sound energy in the high frequencies is identical with the mid and lows
  • Perfect for TV and film field shooting, broadcast studio production and conference table recording
  • New Sanken design that overcomes the limitations of previous boundary microphones
  • Available in Gray or Beige
  • Available with XLR3 connector or Pigtail



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Sanken har et stort utvalg av mikrofoner, alt fra head-set og mygg til retningsstyrtemikrofoner for video, filmproduksjon, kringkasting og live-arrangementer. De er designet og produsert i Japan og inneholder mange innovative funksjoner som f.eks membraner som er ufølsomme for fuktighet og temperaturendringer. Resultatet er en stabil av mikrofoner med fenomenal frekvensrespons, eksepsjonelle retningsmikrofoner, lav egenstøy og høy SPL.