Passive distribution of optical signals 1:4 out

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Produktnummer: BARBT-SPLIT-4-LGX Kategorier: , , , , , , , Stikkord: ,


Barnfind offers a range of passive optical products that you find listed below, the LGX series. They can act as a standalone module or they can be housed into a 1RU frame, BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU. This frame has a capacity for up to 4 pcs of any of the LGX modules. You can chose among different CWDM multiplexers, splitters and optical changeover switches.

It is suited for harsh and demanding operations. Each module is secured with a thumbscrew for easy and quick replacement. These LGX modules are often delivered together with a BarnOne system where you chose to have the CWDM modules separate from the BarnOne frame. These modules can also be ordered as stand alone units for 3rd party products that follow the international ITU-T G.694.2



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Med hovedkontor i Sandefjord, Norge, produserer Barnfind en multifunksjonell signaltransportplattform som støtter mange signaler i én ramme. I tillegg til Barnfinds kraftige muligheter sparer vår unike tilnærming også kundene for verdifull rackplass, strømforbruk og dermed penger. Barnfind vil snart bli kjent som det grønneste selskapet i videobransjen