BarnFind BarnColor 4x12G SFP-determined, color Blue, Power Cable not included

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The BarnColor – 4xSFP-Flex SFP-determined Unit

Designed to supplement the highly flexible BarnColor system, the new BarnFind BarnColor 4x12G SFP provides 4 SFP transceiver cages on each unit and allows you to configure your BarnColor-Flex pairs with the signal processing SFPs needed for your unique application. Up to four different color units can be cascaded to each other; the system supports up to 16 transceiver cages on each side and allows the transport of 32 signal feeds; 16 feeds forward and 16 returns. Can be combined with any models in different colors.

Both MSA and non-MSA SFP modules can be inserted into this BarnColor with the limitation that dual-TX and dual-RX models will operate in single-channel mode.

Examples of SFPs being used:

  • PtP (any wavelength)
  • Multimode
  • Analog Video-SFP
  • IP encap/decap-SFP
  • RJ45 for Ethernet

10G and 12G bandwidth versions

BarnColor-4xSFP-Flex are available in two different variants and the difference is the upper maximum bitrate. The options are maximum bitrate of 10G for 10Gbit/s Ethernet or 12G for 12G-SDI. The 12G option is capable of transmitting 10Gbit/s Ethernet and is the most versatile of the two options.


The BarnColor devices can be installed in colored pairs or used as satellites together with a BarnOne system. If building a pure BarnColor system you can start with any color-matching pair and extend the system later as your need expands. You can combine different models of BarnColors or use multiple of the same model in the same system as long as the colors are different.

We recommend using single mode fibers when linking the BarnColor devices.

BarnFind BarnColor 4x12G SFP Technical Specifications

• SMPTE 258M, 292M, 372M, 424M, DVB-ASI, SMPTE ST-2081, (ST-2082 optional as 12G version), 1 Gbit/s Ethernet, 10 Gbit/s Ethernet

• Multirate reclocking of outputs 270Mbps – 10Gbps (12Gbps optional as 12G version)

Fiber port (Cascade and Peer)

• Neutrik opticalCON DUO, also compatible with duplex Single Mode fiber LC-LC

• SMPTE 297M

Power plug

• Neutrik powerCON

• 100-240VAC, 15Watt

Physical size

• 223mm x 277mm x 44mm (8.8” x 10.9” x 1.7”)

• 1.4 kg



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Med hovedkontor i Sandefjord, Norge, produserer Barnfind en multifunksjonell signaltransportplattform som støtter mange signaler i én ramme. I tillegg til Barnfinds kraftige muligheter sparer vår unike tilnærming også kundene for verdifull rackplass, strømforbruk og dermed penger. Barnfind vil snart bli kjent som det grønneste selskapet i videobransjen

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